The Qujiang First School Project


The Qujiang First School Project is located in Xi'an Qujiang new area, east of Yan Cheung Road, west of Jin Hua Nan Road and north of Creative Avenue. The total construction area of the project is about 55,014.5 square meters, including 30,104.7 square meters above ground and 24,909.8 square meters below ground. Design and construction of construction drawings including office building, teaching and supporting rooms for primary and secondary schools. The school has 48 classes. 2,640 degrees. Secondary School 24 classes, 1200 degrees for the surrounding school district to provide quality education resources and adequate degree security. The design of primary school adopts the design concept of openness and experience, which enriches the students' communication space in and out of class and makes the function changeable. Adopt the modern design method, open fusion multi-latitude design idea. To ensure that each space is relatively opposed and inter-linked, to maximize the students and the overall space to stimulate the exchange and sharing atmosphere. Create a relaxed school environment and create students' enthusiasm. According to the actual primary school design ideas and concepts, the design uses modern techniques, simple lines and block surface feeling of color, space modern modeling, color lively approach to design. The middle school design uses the relatively rational design idea, the concise modern novel design idea. Space experience fresh natural environment, to self-learning, enjoy the design ideas. School is a comprehensive space, in addition to the dissemination of knowledge but also to improve the overall quality of students, stimulate learning enthusiasm, encourage communication space. According to the practical middle school design ideas and ideas, the design uses modern simple and concise design methods, focusing on the integration of space and people, people-oriented, emphasizing the overall coordination of space. The overall style material unified standard, meet the design concept of fresh and natural design effect.

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