The return of the king, The dark night of light


Through the crown of the sword, is power, is also a call. For a company with live brokerage as its business attribute, rooted in the new media era, the design language incorporating esports elements has a distinct appeal and strikes people's hearts.

The staff is the code of power, a metaphor for the spiritual leader

The scepter is used by Moses in the biblical passage to divide the Red Sea in half and make the deep valley clear.Here, the "scepter" points to seizing opportunities and taking action, while the "sword" points to daring to break through and surpass oneself.

The entrance faces the block with excellent views, and the light and architecture share a narrative in the dark night. The reception block is lifted, the light column is inserted from the center point deeply, and the sense of floating and the sense of power forms a huge emotional perception contrast. The magic journey opened by the "scepter" is the first impression of entering the office space. Proportion and sequence relations are transformed into columns in the space, and the power of light and the sense of spatial rhythm of the columns together radiate magic.

Light pierces the dark night

Experiencing darkness is a necessary part of self-exploration and transformation, often leading to new insights.For the business attributes of live broadcasting, the texture of dark night gives birth to an infinite diversity of background, which is the best background color of advanced sense.

Every ordinary we, not born king, through efforts to bring their own "crown", become the light in the industry. Office area ceiling to "W" shape light belt for daily office to bring sufficient lighting, leading the continuous transformation and upgrading of the road to success.

For the company, the conference room is an exclusive spiritual territory to hold the grand ideal about life, business and life value. The "Sky Curtain" concept meeting room creates a semi-open interactive space full of interaction, expanding the space and more integrated into the natural environment. The idea of inspiration and the promotion of goals are generated in a beautiful collision.

For comfort and experience, the dining area is open to quality lighting, and the long water bar and shaped dining table make it a place with a slow pace. The curly artistic modeling wall is easy to play and display, and develops the multiple attributes of space experience.

When design is not only about function, space has more possibilities, and design has a more free place to start.Nature and art harmony, here launched a relaxed dialogue, the high-pressure working state of the anchor, temporarily empty themselves to get a brief repair and empowerment, and then set out again.

Space is the art of light, and light is the best language in space. Low-key and humble, introverted and enclosed, rational and order, the generation and change of light and shadow, create a rational and perceptual design route, in terms of office space, jump out of the low interest, to a higher level.

Project name: Sheng Shi Cultural Media

Item type: Office

Project address: Chengkai Center, Taiyuan Street, Heping District, Shenyang

Cooperation mode: Original design · Whole case landing

Design style: Future technology

Chief designer: Li Zhihang

Participating designer: Li Xiaodan

Design Agency: Harari Design

Project area: 1800㎡

Design time: 2023.3

Completion time: 2023.6

Main materials: tile, marble, white steel, art paint, acrylic, etc

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