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Geomebox concept,It is not so much a studio as a tentative compound imagination, a piece of free will, or a new starting point.

In this space, the designer uses the method of internal architecture to try to solve the problems of transportation, structure and space needed in the office space. The privacy and openness of the areas organize people, things, and spaces into various flexible scenarios through design, and fuse each unit space together to form an unbounded office space.

The overall space uses the box as the main frame, and the partition wall intersects from the box. It forms a border with the semi-enclosed low wall of the conference area.

Coarse embryonic soil as the top tone, combined with clear materials and structure, the elements seem to be isolated, but have infinite tension. The original rough and delicate forms overlap with each other, which is opposite and coherent.

Borrowing the perspective of traditional gardens and borrowing scenes makes each area endless, and you can feel the unique depth and layering of this space.

The center point of the space is designed with a mirror stainless steel device, which reflects different spaces at different angles, and integrates each unit space better.

Above the box, a seating area is set to the remaining height, cleverly creating useless functions.

The desk and the partition wall are engaged with each other to form two independent functional areas, and the chassis is embedded in the desktop to ensure the cleanliness of the table.

Imagination requires tolerance. Just as creation requires space, only thinking is free. Even in the shell, there are still infinite possibilities.






















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