Up the stairs comes the breeze


We infuse the nature, life, art, and other multiple elements into the design so that each person in the space could feel the temperature of the humanity, which is also the critical point of this design refit. The whole space is divided into two floors: the first floor encompasses the main exhibition area, sample selection work area, activity area; the second floor contains office area, writing and printing bar, reading area, lounge rest area, and the newly built terrace for outdoor activities.

The original building is an ordinary two-storey building with truss structure and the narrow staircase largely restricts the lighting on the first floor. So we removed and transformed the floor slab to expand the empty space under the south window of the second floor, and redesigned the stairs as "returning" space so that the first floor can also enjoy warm light and warm breeze in the daytime by virtue of the tall and spacious space. By this, the light ray differs as the wind changes from day to night. While up the stairs, we could enjoy different scenes and feelings.

We focus on the feeling of people in the space, dedicate to create a refined, relaxed, and tranquil  atmosphere, adopt white color as the main key, black line lamp as the complement,and use the ceiling glass in partition and door, agile and clean. The line of oak armrest not only make the total look unify but also add more natural sense while the concrete cement of ground similarly brings the natural simplicity. At the hub of the second floor, we decorate the wall with gray color, hang a large red decorative painting, in which lush green bench beautifully echoes with the blue water, greatly invigorates the space. In the office area, we choose white color wall, simply decorate the file cabinet door with light Eucalyptus green to highlight vitality. We hope that the space could maintain a harmonious relationship with the nature and people, possessing both the aesthetic shaped by straight line and the comfort formulated by the light and atmosphere.

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