Urban elegance-steal half a day free


Name of the work: [Urban elegance- steal half a day free]
Project address: Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
Building area is 400 ㎡
Completion Date: October, 2021
Project nature: Commercial
Designer: Cao Xueqin
Project construction: Tangjie International Design
Decorative materials: art paint, marble, art glass Soft decoration: the way of brocade home life aesthetics hall Photography: Pan Yufeng
Shooting direction: Zhao Yuling
Life, is everyone's joy written a poem, sweet, also have bitter, at ordinary times in nine to five heavy travel in our urban life, always in our spare search corner, improve their quality of life, so, yoga studio can be regarded as a choice, relax the body at the same time, the inner pressure will be mediation, if the body is relaxed through exercise can get, then the mediation of mind, must need a good sports environment design.
[Customer Sketch] The heroine is a delicate and disciplined city girl, Maintaining a good body costs, And that's why more and more urban girls choose to use yoga to keep their posture, Compared to traditional exercise and dieting, Obviously, yoga can achieve body control without adding excessive burden, In our design process, she offered her own opinion: while maintaining a sense of simplicity, We also emphasize the energy and atmosphere of the space, Using space to recreate a sense of human self-reflection, To help people seek warm and sincere contact and inner peace of mind; At the same time, we emphasize the restraint expression of space, Introduce the flowing light and shadow into the space, With the natural materials and texture, Make here a pure land for cultivating body and mind.

In general, contracted and not style, this is the city delicate girls choose yoga studio first pay attention to the environment choice, contracted is a kind of style, but also is a representative of unique taste and style of life attitude, this style as its Japanese, simple and capable, comfortable also do not break the noble and elegant. Therefore, we fully consider the customer order requirements and the design for the needs of the audience, so that the yoga studio is like a heroine, to leave customers a sense of quality, natural sports experience.
[Lead case sketch] The project aims to create two key areas: one is the teaching area for ordinary members located at the left end of the design drawing and the VIP area for private teachers located on the right, which is also the clear division of labor reflected in the customer design requirements. Our design team skillfully integrates the two on the basis of the original clear division of labor. The whole venue covers a total area of 400 square meters. Although the huge venue is divided, it ensures the overall coordination.
Enter the door is the walls of diatom mud, gray tone and put the green plant to form a quiet and elegant impression, waiting for the original green gray diatom mud color sofa and bar on the basis of increased rice white warm atmosphere, warm decoration with warm yellow light, formed a warm and sense of belonging space design, delicate glass is one of the small design, compared with the massive thick, glass more reflect the exquisite and clear overall layout concept. The overall design of this place is to ensure the overall layout of a high degree of unity, add small design skills, to avoid the monotonous and repetitive of the layout.
Main hall design part of the design is the highlight of the space lighting design, the space design reflects the gentle feeling, the comfortable feeling the whole front space is arc, so not too hale, so we have highly unified the whole space tone, all color is natural color, let the whole space and nature, kind, natural.
Green tile gray was used on toilet part color, minimalist linear visual sense, increase detail level with white porcelain series. The upper and lower lights for excessive light transmission, the top diffuse lights and floor lights echo each other, so that the whole space is transparent and spiritual.of course, While designing the bathroom, The dresser is also one of our elaborate layouts, This is also a part of our exquisite themes, Many girls may come to our yoga studio to relax after a hard day, Or have afternoon tea with friends after yoga, The elaborate dresser design will allow them to rest here, Single single table and ensure the private space is the overall layout, The design of the dresser ensures the integration and collision of consistent simplicity and delicacy, With the green-gray diatom mud as the keynote, But also embellished with warm yellow lights and decorative baskets, While highlighting the overall layout contrast, With green plants as the elevation point, Form a quiet and composed beauty.
In our home pavilion-the design of yoga venues, our design adopts the real wood floor and black fitness equipment, and complementary, along with transparent floor glass design, ensure the customer sports experience, with the design of the whole space layout extension and permeability, create warmth, natural relaxation feeling, perfect interpretation of the beauty of infinite extension, give customers movement greater imagination space, let space as a whole more natural and rich style, presents a warm, harmonious, modern and simple atmosphere. This room takes nature and relaxation as the main axis, creating a quiet and calm healing specifications, which not only makes exercise the enjoyment after work, but also is the embodiment of the taste and elegance of our yoga venue design customers. Let the beauty of the silence, precipitate under all the distractions. This is also the embodiment of wabi-sabi design style in this design, is a kind of beauty with traces of time, mottled, irregular, and highlight the simplicity, nature, is a combination of spatial and temporal aesthetic way, is a kind of quiet and indifferent beauty.Our design team has always insisted on the simple spatial layout and unique details to create a sense of quiet, design sense, so in the design of the yoga venue, we mostly use diatom mud green gray tone and warm yellow to foil, forming the overall layout of exquisite and do not lose the design of the atmosphere. Modern and simple style is the design style that young customers like and use more. The simple design is integrated into the quiet design of yoga venues, which highlights not only a way of life, but also a kind of exploration and enjoyment of beauty.

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