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Qi Yu strength of character, gathering talents and elegant residence

-- villa courtyard landscape design


The courtyard landscape design of the villa "Qi Yu (The Book of Songs) strength of character, gathering talents and elegant residence" is located in the backyard of a villa in Chaoyang District, Beijing. The site area is 800㎡, the pattern is square, the north side is close to the river in the park, and the external environment is beautiful and natural. Through modern landscape construction techniques, realize a low-key luxury and creative external courtyard environment, and create a mature men's private villa courtyard space integrating quality, style, comfort and tranquility.

  1. Fully functional villa space

The owner of the villa is an accomplished gentleman. He wants to build an ideal country for himself and his friends: build a garden house through multi person gathering space, free activity space, semi private rest space, waterscape and plant space. It not only meets the daily life and leisure needs of the owner, but also can accommodate many people at once.

  1. Site characteristics of landscape art

The irregular boundary formed by the meandering river controls the Aesthetic Logic of the site. The spatial relationship of landscape geometry gradually makes the whole volume grow slowly from north to south through deduction, collage, reduction and reconstruction. Such geometric language shapes a new geometric relationship of landscape and vivid space. The whole site is permeated and covered with green plants and gravel from high to low. The place where they gather forms an activity space. This evolution establishes a new landscape for the whole site to observe mountains and rivers and evaluate itself.

  1. Design theme of Qi Yustrength of character

The geometric landscape image space needs the spirit of Chinese culture to penetrate the texture and endow the soul. The bide phenomenon that can be seen everywhere in Chinese gardens stems from the emotional and symbolic quality given to landscape in Chinese philosophical allusions.

The Qi Yu chapter in< the book of songs >is a poem praising men's image, talent and morality. Each chapter of the poem starts with "green bamboo", praising the noble demeanor and integrity of a gentleman by virtue of the straightness, green and density of green bamboo, creating a precedent of using bamboo to describe people. It shows that the beauty of a gentleman lies in the acquired accumulation and cultivation of knowledge and sharpening morality.

Qi Yu originally means the place where the water bank of Qi river bends. The north side of the courtyard is connected with the water system of the park. The geographical environment of lush forest and bamboo is very appropriate to the poetry. The owner of the villa is also a modest gentleman with lofty sentiments, brilliant talents and successful career. The theme of Qi Yu complements each other. This gardening technique actually expresses the belief of the garden owner and the pursuit of life ideal, realizes this spirit through natural scenery, and interprets the design theme of Qi Yu character and gathering talents.

  1. Unique landscape expression

We start with the theme narrative space, and the material selection and implementation process is the realization of imagination. The large-scale still water features and tortuous crossing Ting, and the treatment of tree pools in the water make the courtyard more pure. From the black-and-white iterative stone pavement to the staggered growth of the flower border, the materials and artistic techniques are integrated into the natural texture of landscape geometry, so that everything grows naturally, as if it is not carved, but exquisite and attentive, glowing with new brilliance.

  1. Plant culture taking into account the four seasons

The overall plant landscape takes bamboo as the background and "three friends in winter" as the ornament, which is in line with the gentleman's way of standing expressed by the overall landscape. In terms of flowering plants, wax plum, lotus, chrysanthemum and begonia among the "ten friends of flowers" are selected to enrich the plant level, take into account the landscape of the four seasons and integrate the meaning of plant culture. Each flower and leaf is closely linked to the theme of Qi Yu style and gathering talents.

  1. Comfortable and relaxed node space

The new space can make the place glow with new life. The author hopes to create different space places, including self-help barbecue area, lawn reception area, outdoor sofa rest area and tea pavilion, so as to provide rich and diverse comfortable experiences for the guests and owners of the villa.

The host leads the guests up the light steps to the tea pavilion to taste a pot of landscape and sublimate the soul again. Here, the host serves tea for the guests. The tea ceremony thought of "harmony, respect, purity and silence" is integrated with the villa courtyard space of "looking, traveling, traveling and living". Three or five friends watch the shadow of the lake, listen to the singing of leaves and birds, feel the breeze to help the face, taste tea, take a break here, and aftertaste the leisurely scenery all the way.

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