Wan Ping 88


The owner is a single man with overseas study and living experience. He lives abroad for a long time, likes Italian style furniture, and has a special preference for modern and simple style.

In terms of space layout design, the owner hopes to have independent office space and sufficient cloakroom. In addition, the owner also has a special interest in intelligent design. Xu Qingqing likes cooking and hopes that the electrical functions and design are intelligent enough to cope with the living life in the next decade.

The space as a whole takes black and gray as the main colors, and metal lines as decorations, highlighting a strong and calm atmosphere. The designer sews the retro and modern together through the exquisite water corrugated stainless steel plate decoration, making the whole space full of light and rich texture.

The entrance hall is made of natural luxury stone, combined with metal decoration and the fluency of linear lights to create a luxurious visual impact. The super large TV background wall is simple and the atmospheric grille plate and lamp strip are more detailed.

The half partition design is adopted for the headboard background of the master bedroom, so that the whole space is not depressed and the daylighting is more sufficient. From the washing table to the shower area, the reasonable use of the partition can achieve the clean and beautiful bathroom environment.

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