Wang Ye's project


Abandon the cream tones and warm tones that are more acceptable to the public. After communicating with customers, I boldly tried avocado tones, and the overall tone positioning method incorporated a lot of Chinese elements and retro elements in chinoiserie. Lighting adopts the combination of main light and main light. The red and green color matching in the bathroom is also a color matching that many people don't accept, but the actual feeling of landing is very retro and emotional. A good work can't be achieved without a customer with advanced aesthetics. Customers respect the idea of design very much throughout the process. The fireplace is made of stone, and the retro cabinet patterns on both sides of the fireplace are hand-painted, including the selection of switches, which are also retro switches in old Shanghai. The whole work has been followed up for more than one year across the epidemic, which is inseparable from the cooperation and trust of the owners. After landing, it also gained the recognition of the owner's whole family. I hope that customers will have a happy family and happiness in this house I designed in the future.

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