Wenyi Song Hotel


There is a Song generation, the whole people elegant

"The Chinese civilization, thousands of years of evolution, the creation of the extreme in Zhao and Song," said Chen Yin-ru, a master of Chinese studies.

Song style elegant charm, poetic book, Song Dynasty, both large and elegant, not "beautiful" also difficult. Floral companions, elegant instruments for company, a bowl of Song tea, and a que Song Ci, living in the Song Dynasty, is how many people dream of crossing the land......

The architectural aesthetics and life aesthetics of the Song Dynasty and the life style scene of the Song Dynasty are reproduced. Starting from the inner life of the literati in the Song Dynasty, the life scene of the literati in the Song Dynasty is reflected in the painting of the West Garden Elegant Collection, and the five life scenes in the Song Dynasty, "Talk", "ink", "tea", "chess" and "Qin", are designed as story clues. On the other hand, it depicts the life and living of the Song Dynasty people, so that the hotel reveals a elegant literati atmosphere, with the elegant taste of "painting appreciation, porcelain, flower arrangement".

The design continues the Song culture characteristics of the Wenyi brand, and introduces the elements of the wall in the lobby, as well as the color elements of the classic Song painting "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains". With modern processing techniques, it will create the deconstruction and reorganization of French and Chinese architectural structures, and create the space tone of Song style new charm.

Here is the time and space tunnel between modern and Song Dynasty, "dream back" aesthetic life of Song Dynasty。

The design form is extracted from the Song Dynasty painting and the Creation of the French Style. Through hierarchical logic and design techniques, the characteristics of "sense of level", "sense of line" and "sense of refinement" of Song style architecture are reflected by continuous horizontal structure, linear components and delicate parts.

City parlour --

"Talk", "ink", "tea", "chess" and "Qin" reflect the life scene of literati in Song Dynasty

The Windows of the original building are very high from the ground, and the storey height is also very high, which leads to poor natural lighting in the space. Considering the overall layout, two sloping roofs are made to reflect natural light into the space through large sloping planes









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