WITHINBEYOND Architectural Space Design OFFICE


WITHINBEYOND Architectural Space Design OFFICE
Inside and outside the architectural design | natural poetic office space, written a new chapter brand

The art of architecture lies in the transformation of external spirit into a kind of creation to express their own spirit.
—— Geory Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Conceptual elaboration
Concept of this paper
"Interior and Interior Architectural Space Design" was founded in 2017, focusing on creating high-quality commercial space and human life. With the development and upgrading of the brand, the design of interior and exterior architectural space needs more efficient and professional office environment support.
The new "Inside and Outer Architectural Space Design" office space is composed of six cubic boxes. It is not only a rational physical space, but also contains modern sense and commercial attributes. It transcends the solid office form and embraces nature, life and art.
Space video
Space video
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two dimensional analysis
Prophase analysis
(First layer) ▲ plane analysis explosion diagram
Plane explosion pattern
(Second II) ▲ plane analysis explosion diagram
Plane explosion pattern
"In the inside", live also, for the quiet;
It is the structure of space, and it is the origin of pursuing the true self.
"Outside", the table is also, for moving;
It is the exterior decoration of the space, and the beauty of traverse trends and art.
「 inside and outside 」
In the real world of words and actions, sincerity, heart, friendliness and loyalty.
Space, from the inside out, dynamic and static space dimension, exploration, break, challenge, is also new.
Space scene
Space scene
The courtyard is deep, how much is mysterious.
The new office space is hidden in the city, and the whole space originally looks like a huge cube box, facing from the south to the north. The designer divides the space into six cubes, and one box falls in the space. In order to increase the natural attributes and mystery of the space, the door opens south, and the "exterior hanging" shape of horizontal and vertical crossing is a response to the architectural geometry.
Between turning, winding path through secluded.
Based on the original spatial structure, the concept of "box" runs through the whole design. Through cutting, breaking, inlaying and stacking, the spatial structure is processed and reorganized, and different positive and negative phase spaces are generated, which are connected in different combinations to meet a variety of different functions.
In order to maintain the mystery of the space, the direction and scale of the entry present an interesting rhythm, dark and bright, private and open, narrow and diastolic, to convey different spatial emotions.
The space adopts the language of architecture to reflect the craft details. The concrete wall expresses the true nature of the space, the geometry of the space, or circle or square, orderly arrangement, like an abstract poem, expressing a characteristic, rhythm and order.
Black wood and line light with a sense of winding path, to the inward field of vision, black disappear, retreat for the tranquil, practical full of expectations.
Open, shared, comfortable place.
The designer planned the vertical "box" on the first floor as a shared and open public area. After work, lunch, give people the feeling of home, creation bottleneck, or coffee refreshing, or overtime drinking, for a little relaxation, here is a comfortable place to rest, leisure and thinking coexist.
The high intensity of work will inevitably be boring and irritable, need to release and solve, and desire for inner and spiritual poetry. An afternoon light sprinkled in, as if a gentle solace, for the tired body and mind to bring a full of blood resurrection of the healing power.
Space order, in harmony and harmony.
The design refuses the comprehensive closure of the solid wall, breaking, deconstructing and reorganizing. The space is from outside to inside, from top to bottom, presenting a clear and clear sense of space size, combining and stitching with different geometric structures, reflecting the advanced sense of administrative levels and the sense of breathing.
The crisscross white grid, in the open space line of sight, the division of each area, independent, writing the sense of order and ease of the space, quiet, elegant and warm, there is a mellow sense of time.
With pure attitude and expression, designers create a natural and comfortable atmosphere of the space. The unique conception comes from the natural and unnatural. In the space atmosphere construction, when the design language expresses a spirit, the space really becomes a kind of art.
Inclusive and a sense of ease.
The six-meter high empty space creates a relaxed and comfortable communication place. The large area of glass and geometric hollow structure maximize the light into the interior, the transparent light and open sense, as well as the proper layout, reflect a sense of advanced space, presenting the visitors a kind of exquisite and identity texture.
The functional public space is made of classic and durable materials, and subtle and soft light changes give people a sense of relaxation and affinity. Designers subvert a single practical space, which not only carries the attributes of social space, but also provides them for daily meetings and brainstorming. It is the convergence point of work threads, the inspiration of creativity, and the great inclusiveness and sense of freedom.
Business logic, humanistic feelings.
△ selection area
This is the place of work, passion and love, the collision of ideas and the explosion of inspiration; this is also the exhibition hall where the customers visit, with a complete service system and new customer experience, materials, samples at a glance, convenient and efficient.
Designers believe that the design of office space should have the most valuable quality, to have commercial attributes and life atmosphere. The value of the space is reflected in the commercial logic and the humanistic feelings.
△ office
△ tea tasting area
The space is not rich because of "decoration is much", but abundant because of "authenticity". The best sunshine and wind to the space of the best temperature and comfort, this atmosphere brings a leisurely physical and mental experience, in this precipitation, relaxation, communication, creation.
△ tea tasting area
In the impetuous, fast-paced urban environment, designers want to find a place to fly their hearts, calm down and slow down. Here is the ideal office space where the original intention is still there and the enthusiasm is not reduced. From the feeling as the source, the scene is the feeling, the essence of business is here, people-oriented, the link as the attribute, and the value brought by the design can always nourish this space.

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