Wuxi Dahua Splendid Front City


Relying on the project attributes and the crowd to create a full of life atmosphere + multi-dimensional experience theme exhibition area

In the era of integration, modern times, art and humanity are no longer a single element, with design softening them with life.In the integration of beauty and practicality, the integration of cultural deposits and space, highlighting the warm and cultural overall atmosphere, has never been extended to a variety of life scenes.

The image of Kunpeng astronaut in the device above the space brings technology closer to human beings.

Water bar area

Water bar column on the light-emitting device, baking animal cookies can be packaged with happiness

Coffee area establishes an interactive mode with customers

Customers can get points by scanning the QR code on the sales staff badge to redeem coffee drinks or snacks. Meanwhile, the sales customers can scan the QR codes and the customers can get some information and contacts, so as to explore potential customers.

Cultural and creative area

While advocating the temperature of hand making with art and infecting life, we integrate the temperature of craftsmen into the place and change the inherent mode of the traditional sales center more firmly.It is not only to create an artistic scene, but also to use the real and simple temperature of the craftsmen to infect the impetuous mood of the contemporary urbanites and bring a new cultural experience.

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