Xi Tang Health Club


Location: Shenyang city

Design organization: SPACE³INTERIOR DESIGN

Main case design: Lin Xu

Photographer: Yonggang Zhong

Project area: 530 square meters

Completion date: 2021

Design Concept;

The sensory healing of a journey through time

From the distant Renaissance to the present, the appreciation of beauty and the healing of body and mind have always been connected.

Emotion is the clue of space design and the most intuitive feeling of customer experience. The space moving line follows the rhythm of step by step into the best place, infiltrating into the space furnishings, utensils, light and shadow, materials and textures, interactive dialogue in the quiet hidden space, the prologue of rejuvenating therapy is opened here.

Standing in the hustle and bustle of the city, seeking a quiet party is the most luxurious enjoyment of the city. In the morning and evening, the years are bright and quiet, which opens the spiritual healing of SPA.

The new art deco interior with sound and light creates a relaxing and immersive casual atmosphere.

When the artistic aesthetic of the Renaissance meets the contemporary leisure lifestyle, the progress of time is slowed down, calm down, appreciate, enjoy...

"Big sound, elephant invisible", gentle lamplight hides its form, only its light, simple and plain space just the right performance of leisure time should have the appearance.

Su Shi wrote in his ode to Begonia, "I was afraid of falling asleep at night, so I burned high candles to shine on red makeup." Take begonia flowers bloom like brocade beauty, with the charm of blue and purple, outline the spring sleeping picture of begonia.

The long and deep corridor of architectural sense, the smallpox of water and light billows, such as human looking up at the starry sky or exploring the vast ocean, deep and quiet, mysterious relaxing. The control of details and quality is carried out in a hotel-like way, presenting the noble sense of space experience.

The vast night sk

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