"Shabby, disorderly and lifeless is my first impression of this private house. The natural landscape around attracts me. The architecture integrated into nature has both boundaries and no boundaries with nature. "

——Designer's initial impression on Architecture

White walls and black tiles, traditional Soviet style buildings, and the village's unified facade limit the transformation of the facade, which not only conforms to the present, but also does not violate the regulations. This is the beginning of a proposition.

The interior of the house is old and messy, without life's vitality. When we remould and design it, we want to give it fresh vitality and retain its original lingering charm.

A large area of plate type floor to ceiling window is mixed with thick reinforced concrete structure in the middle. The symmetrical architectural pattern provides a traditional Chinese framework.

In the transformation, the existence of the wall column makes it easy to plan the logic of space. The plain white wall further extends the boundary, and cooperates with the window to complete the magic of light, shadow and color.

The black dining table and gentle lighting make the color of the food vivid. Table area is clear, and the humanized design makes taking meals convenient and easy.

The corridor and stairs are covered with large area of white. The elegant texture like rice paper makes the stairs appear romantic mottled dark lines with the change of light and shadow.

A long narrow window brings bright light to the stairs. Through this half covered window , the landscape also reveals the implicit corners.

In the second floor can see a higher landscape, so the window side of the wooden table for this side of the landscape. Leisurely and clear wood color, no conflict with the bony chandelier, balances the gentle sense of vision in front of the window.

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