Xiaozhao Art Museum



Xiao Zhao Art Museum is named after the famous painter Xiao Zhao of the Southern Song Dynasty. Looking back on the millennium, Xiao Zhao paints the great rivers and mountains of the motherland as a patriotic literati painter. He displays his love of nature through the chic brush and ink, and the master's artistic style infectiously express his feeling to the viewers who have looked on his works during the long social development of the history.

The symbiotic relationship between nature and space is the focus of design thinking. The natural stones are like solidified musical notes, making visitors feel as if they are singing a silent valley song. Naturally irregular stones are stacked in the water, and the water system unfolds around the space, creating a sense of ritual worship of nature in the visitor's heart in the process of turning inward. It breaks the cold tonality of the art space, and connects the flowing water and stones in their own ways, so that the space grows in a flexible way.

The stone installation is mined by local traditional technology, retaining the natural texture of its mining, echoing with the curved space. And the two materials of one rigid and one soft perfectly integrate nature, art and humanistic emotions together, transcending the outlooking of the object and the environment of life. The natural attributes of stone echo the rough vitality of the earth, bring a strong visual impact, and construct the spatial charm of the spirit of the field and the regeneration of art.

A large area of blank space is used to reflect the clean and neat structural form, and at the same time, the blank treatment technique is also a symbol of China's thousand-year-old civilization, shaping the space and advocating the vitality of nature. Let every corner be a holy place to check in and out of the film, and create a dialogue between the visitor and the space in the spiritual field. The artworks on display in the space bring people into another realm in the interplay of light and shadow.

At this time, the artwork is no longer an external object, but a presentation of an ideal way of living.

The museum pays attention to the creative display of artists, opens exhibitions for outstanding artists, and promotes the multi-dimensional development of artistic practice. The permanent exhibition hall on the basement floor is full of the interaction of the sound and color, which stimulates the perception, emotion and thinking of audiences. It presents creative contents which originate from artists' ideas, and brings a visual feast to every visitor. Standing in the local area and launching the sight to the far future, the public welfare character and social responsibility of art exhibitions are put in the priority. The art museum intends letting audiences to see and embody this value which they embrace through holding art exhibitions.   From the local area to regional area, and even wider-ranger geographical spatial concepts, the museum expects to be influential in promoting the Chinese art and culture with an open and inclusive attitude.

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