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Xinjiangwan City: salute friends with American retro romance to awaken the charm of color!

Style Orientation

The owner is a young couple and the technical core personnel of a listed company. He has a high pursuit of life aesthetics and living quality. The original intention of this house is to have a very relaxed and pleasant environment that fully conforms to his own life preferences and color preferences after returning home from work.

Through the high-frequency communication with the owner's husband and wife, the designer learned that the owner's husband and wife love retro elements and like to mix and match bold colors. The designer drew inspiration from Monica's home in friends and positioned the design style as American retro style.

Design Presentation

From the beginning of design to the perfect landing, great efforts need to be made. First, the trust and cooperation of the owner are needed. In the whole process, it is necessary to constantly communicate with the owner and gain insight from the owner's living environment, occupation, interests and preferences. In the design of this case, the designer mainly focuses on the owner's life orientation, combined with professional design ideas, combs and applies it to the space as a whole, and finally delivers a design scheme satisfactory to both the owner and the designer.

In the entrance hall of this case, the calm walnut is used to collide with the vibrant green, and the retro and modern visual style is in front of us.

The guest kitchen on the first floor is mainly white, dotted with green, and the fresh and elegant decorative style runs through the whole floor, showing a transparent atmosphere.

The second floor is made into three suites at the request of the owner. In addition to the master bedroom for the owner's husband and wife, the suite also reserves children's room and elderly room. Because there are no children yet, the designer makes the visual style of the children's room relatively neutral, and it can also be used as a guest bedroom at ordinary times. The designer has made a relatively soft choice of living space for the elderly. At the same time, it also takes into account the aesthetic needs of the elderly.

Green walls, brown beds, golden arc doors... The general color transition is bold and avant-garde. With all kinds of retro wooden furniture, the space becomes warm and natural.

The ground floor is a common leisure activity area, covering the study, gym, laundry, nanny room and several activity areas, ensuring the daily leisure and entertainment of the whole family.

In terms of color matching, the underground floor is mainly blue, decorated with elegant Klein Blue, which instantly lights up the whole space.

The designer also made full use of the second floor of the basement to design a cloakroom and collection room for the owner. The whole space adopts a large area of low lightness and purity colors, and the overall tone is harmonious and unified. The walls of different materials increase the sense of hierarchy and interest of the space.

Spatial Planning

It is said that large space is good for design, but it is not. Designers should plan and adjust the space according to the moving lines of family life, housework and visitors.In the designer's mind, the moving line diagram is three-dimensional. In the process of detailed communication with the owner, the living habits of each family have been woven into a diagram in their mind. The moving lines of household activities, rest and sleep, learning and relaxation, fitness and leisure, dining, etc. have been taken into account by the designer.

Because this case has had decoration experience before, the original layout of pipes, wires and network cables is very disorderly. The designer made a new layout and positioning of the water and electricity network of the whole house during the design, confirmed the model and size of each household appliance, and deepened the drawings to 120, so as to ensure the efficiency of later construction.

The storage design is a test of the designer's care and patience, from the height of the owner's family to the number of pairs of high-heeled shoes of the hostess, the height of shoes, and even the color and size of umbrellas and slippers. Therefore, the designer has created a set of storage scheme for the owner to solve the storage problems for the owner systematically and clearly.

The owner of this case has his own aesthetic and preference for fashion home. Therefore, I hope that designers can help themselves choose classic furniture imported from Italy. From sample selection to transportation, to soft decoration mobilization and layout, from bouquets to furniture, every detail is creating an American retro atmosphere.

The designer uses the American pastoral style of retro mix and match, and the bold colors of red, yellow, blue and green to create a warm home atmosphere like friends. It is romantic and gorgeous. Even if there are many elements and colors, it gives people a warm impact visually, but it is always natural and durable.

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