Yanlord Hai Ming Yuan Villa


Yanlord Haiming Academy, the pure villa district of Chongming Island, uses an international hotel-like texture to integrate nature into the design, creating an international urban aesthetics and interpreting the art of island living.A large area of townhouses brings ample immersive holiday space experience. Elegant beige and calm Mocha, high-quality leather, marble walls and floors, add hotel-level exquisite luxury.The clear floor-to-ceiling glass windows and the living plants in the living room and garden eliminate the boundary between life and nature. The color layout of the master bedroom maintains a certain visual continuity with the living room. The warm brown of wood color and the green full of vitality allow the body and mind to rest and nourish in the embrace of nature. The super-scale master bedroom space is large enough to accommodate a small family audio-visual corner. The light bamboo and rattan with a sense of breath, weave the laziness and comfort of vacation. Concise and calm black, white and orange, modern yet romantic. Pure and elegant white, soft curve decoration, glass windows on both sides, enclose a quiet and serene solitary space. The random flow of natural light and breeze realizes the dialogue between man and nature.

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