Ye Shu Ri Yue Wan (Ye Shu B&B Hotel, Ri Yue Wan)


White is the most wonderful color in the world because you can see all the colors of the rainbow in it. The whiteness of white is that it is always just white; it is almost always transformed by light and is always changing; the sky, the clouds, the sun and the moon.——Richard Meyer   

This project is located in Riyue Bay, Wanning, Hainan. It is the main building of the Yeshu B&B Hotel. The architecture is not located on an outstanding geographical spot with advantageous surrounding environment. So we set back the entrance to the street as much as possible when working on planning the building block. The layered stair structure show the tree's continuous upward growth, giving people a sense of orderly beauty between the light and the shadow.

The pure white building's structure cuts a bright, minimalist and powerful outline; presenting the cleanest and clearest state in nature. Setting against the blue sky, the senses are filled with ultimate enjoyment. Each side of the building presents a different state of beauty, and a multi-dimensional lifestyle unfolds here.

The overall interior space uses simple techniques and circular circulation lines to construct the space, enhancing the privacy of each room. At the same time, the large floor-to-ceiling windows in each small space allow the natural environment to be harmoniously integrated into the interior.

The swimming pool serves as a medium connecting the inside and outside of the building. Through the open block, the light shines into the corridor space, further emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between the spaces. Sunlight shines through the flowing water waves, adding a layer of vivid color to the overall architectural space. The steps run through the swimming pool, and through the narrow porch, you can enter the second phase of the sandy seaside villas and beach area.

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