Yi Di Design Office


First we wanted to break down the possibilities of space design, Improve the action line of the original house type,Through flexible spatial transformation, open the space, increase the visual transparency and gradually set the layout order of the space.

What kind of office environment do people need during the ups and downs of COVID-19? That's what we've been discussing。 So we've ditched the traditional office front desk area. Designed to create a warm and homelike atmosphere in the office space,according to the daily operation requirements of the company, the space layout is respectively set up: ① customer communication, ② scheme submission, ③ office design, ④ tea leisure, ⑤ solitude and rest。

In terms of space color, it breaks through the single color system of the conventional office environment,The use of Marine material in a large area, the overall tone gives people great sensory comfort. It's also easier to get inspired. In black and other matching colors, the room in contrast to a "warm" environment at the same time, and seems to reflect the rational design and calm.

The relaxed and homelike atmosphere can facilitate a happy conversation with visiting customers, and at the same time can promote cohesion with the team and improve work efficiency.


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