Yuan Yang Tian Zhu Chun Qiu


Project Name: Yuan Yang Tian Zhu Chun Qiu


Project Location: Binhai, Tianjin, China


Project Owner: It elite


Decoration style: Traditional French and modern combination


Main materials: imported marble, imported wallpaper, Taiwan imitation gold foil, silver foil, red oak panel cable color, "Benjamin", imported paint.


Located in the Binhai Center, Sino-Ocean Tianju Spring and Autumn is a three-story villa with two underground floors and one above ground. It has a garden before and after, good ventilation and lighting. It is a classic apartment with square shape, reasonable structure and high space.


The owner is a young couple, engaged in IT industry, typical intellectuals, active thinking, elegant taste, have a deep understanding of traditional culture. This case in the design method, highlights the cultural gentle and elegant, peaceful and rational characteristics, with the overall color of light orange, express the owner's warm and elegant. In terms of design style orientation, it absorbs some classic elements of the "Baroque" wind in the Renaissance period, which is not overly flamboyant, but also properly permeates the elegance and luxury into every corner, highlighting the natural advantages of the villa itself and showing the owner's personal taste.


The living room was elaborately furnished. On the opposite side of the TV background, a display cabinet is specially designed. The display cabinet is made of milky white, which makes the living room with light orange color appear lively and vivid, and also shows the owner's abundance and taste by highlighting the charm of the ornaments themselves. The surface of the ground and part of the wall is made of natural marble, showing the nobility


The villa restaurant has a different flavor. The most prominent feature is the height of the space. The design does not change the original structure of the space. Instead, the arch retains the original height and combines modern Italian table lamps and tabletop to apply the architectural elements.


Master bedroom and study are very elegant, there is no redundant color, layout and furniture, no noise and redundancy, a quiet and distant; The design will be originally irregular and slightly chaotic smallpox plus


To simplify and integrate, the changed master bedroom space is on the rise, giving people a positive feeling, showing the owner's pursuit of a happy life; The design uses the traditional exquisite carved partition to properly distinguish the two Spaces of the master bedroom and study, forming a separate and continuous, separated and inseparable interactive space, comfortable, fashionable, successful people's quality of life experience all in it.


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