Yuan You Xing roast duck


Yuan You Xing Rongshan restaurant is located in a prosperous area with a long history in Shenyang. It was created by designer Hao Yu, and is inspired by the red“Chinese knot” element, weave a symphonic movement of time skillfully, blend the traditional symbolic meaning into the modern design concept, and present the unique space aesthetic feeling with full creativity. From the use of materials to color, and then to the planning of space, every detail is a thoughtful artistic expression, under the guidance of modern design to glow with new vitality. Here is not only the feast of taste buds, but also the ultimate pursuit of beauty, art and quality. Design ingenuity, let the diners stay here, get a happy mood at the same time, feel the ancient and modern culture collision and Nothing in Common brand power.

//“Knot” margin delicious, cultural integration//

The exaggerated square red grille dome, just like the blooming of inspiration of“Chinese knot”, creates the first touch of visual memory at the moment of entry and awakens the artistic inspiration of the whole dining space. The intricate and crisscrossing texture of Chinese knotted fabric was magnified tens of thousands of times by the artistic hand of the designer and presented in the space, layer upon layer, with meticulous attention to detail, just like a piece of craftsmanship, echo the brand attention to detail, pour the unique spirit of ingenuity.

Each red node, are the footnotes of the years, carrying a rich cultural connotation, connecting the past and the future, but also the fate of customers with delicious clues.

//The beauty of the meal in the picture//
In terms of spatial planning, the designers performed a surgical deconstruction and reorganization, excavating the building to a depth of half a meter, in exchange for a half-story loft built from floor slabs. Create exclusive dining nooks and crannies for diners, with a great view overlooking the dining hall. Diners immerse themselves in it, as if into a far-reaching painting, and in the design of the magic, they are the spectator, is also part of the viewing.

//The Bamboo Shadows in the stairwell fluttered//
Winding up the stairs, as if stepping into a time tunnel, bamboo was rendered red, elegant dance in the stairwell, like an ethereal dance, with a unique way to meet each arrival of customers. This design is not only the echo of the Chinese knot theme, but also an art and nature encounter, will welcome the unique way into every corner of the space.

The colors and materials in the second-floor private rooms return to nature. The full-length French windows open the view, allowing the indoor light and shadow to complement the outdoor scenery, making the boundaries of the space blurred and beautiful. The whole space is full of warmth and tranquil atmosphere, the design leads customers through the beauty of nature, appreciate the perfect integration of elegance and nature.

“The space is not only a physical existence, but also a feast for blending culture. Here, every customer is immersed in the intersection of tradition and modernity, tasting the wonderful resonance of food and culture,” said Hao Yu, the designer.


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