Yue You · B&B


"Yue You · B&B" Healing meditation in the mountains, Mind clear, everything rest, be natural residents hide in the bamboo forests and mountains, absorb the energy brought by nature, and feel the quiet time belonging to the mountains. The concept of "Zen culture" and "bamboo culture" is expressed in a concentrated and artistic form in a specific architectural space, bringing a unique spatial experience. Built according to the water, according to the wind and stand, lead the scene home. The design of courtyards and buildings is simple, mysterious and quiet. Abandoning unnecessary decoration and complexity, the color is quiet, just like in ink painting, only using simple color shades to express the smoke and clouds on paper, is plain; Every glance has a unique insight, hidden infinite interesting, is for the mysterious; Secluded and deep, landscape scenery, like the sky open painting, will naturally concentrate the landscape into a quiet space, is quiet. Chisel a small pool in front of the house, spring clear visible bottom, with fine bamboo wild rattan, people feel the mountain wind. The bamboo forest, which is the only way to enter the b&B, is continued in the building and interior in the form of fences, bamboo weaving and wood elements, which has the ancient rhyme of "finding the secluded place in the bamboo dock and moving the bamboo as the window". The wooden grille that can be seen everywhere is full of charm, it does not make a scene, but opens a window, and the large area uses glass to "borrow a scene to enter a room", no matter which corner is in and the mountain lake bamboo forest outside melts together. A leaf mountain residence, a day of zen. It can be said that further into the world of mortals, a step back hidden forest.

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