Yuhe Upper Garden


Area: 270 square meters

Style: New Chinese style

Engaged in the decoration industry for many years, among all the branches of the Chinese style style, the classical Chinese style and the new Chinese style is the most popular thing that people choose, and I also like the new Chinese style style and the classical culture very much.

The home environment design of the new Chinese style should be the expression of the combination of Chinese traditional culture and modern life needs. Although many people pursue the western new design concept, but there are still many people love the traditional Chinese elements, but copy the traditional Chinese design, will make the overall design slightly stuffy, dull, so in order to cater to the modern people for modern design, and for the classical culture at the same time, design the modern design concept and traditional Chinese elements of the new Chinese style decoration.

Functional needs, every family decoration needs to have a functional design, which is also the most important purpose in a home decoration. The design concept of new Chinese style style also reflected a functional design, the furniture of new Chinese style style uses solid wood type material mostly, can satisfy overall practical functional function. For instance the screen design of hollow out, reflect the aesthetic feeling on its vision already, have practical again.

Finally, it is to adapt to the environment. The design of the new Chinese style also needs to be integrated into the modern environment, which is also another interpretation of the traditional Chinese style. Because the bedroom that modern home decorates is in the city with fast life rhythm, the urban environment at the same time is a modern design embodiment, so the design of household environment should get along harmoniously with the environment, so the new Chinese style style that place designs should adapt to each other with modern environment.

The adornment design form of new Chinese style space, use concise and tough straight line, make adornment space concise. The design characteristic of application straight line, reflect the owner pursues simple life very well, cater to the design characteristic that meets Chinese style furniture, inside collect again, reflect the practicality of new Chinese style furniture, do not break modern feeling again.

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