Zen, Elegant And Healthy Club Space Design


Calm as water, quietly elegant as lotus

The beauty of Zen stems from our high recognition of our own culture

As The Times change, aesthetics is "the ultimate combination of life and art", and lifestyle represents artistic aesthetics.The club is also endowed with more aesthetic Zen, which not only represents its own cultural connotation, but also represents the embodiment of personal taste.Zen, the pursuit of simple, pure, indifferent space beauty, to bring people indifferent and elegant, quiet and extraordinary space artistic conception, the pursuit of man and nature, the harmony of man and man.





The design adopts the overall design concept of Oriental Zen as the club, guided by Tai Chi and tea ceremony, the space is permeated with the atmospheric, natural, quiet and elegant spirit, purifying the dryness of people in the hustle and bustle of the world, and pursuing the realm of the unity of nature and man.

Disaway heavy colors and decorations,

With the texture to ease the mood, the vitality of the extremely strong bamboo,

Empowering space a dynamic soul,

Bring people indifferent and elegant, quiet and extraordinary space artistic conception.

Soft transition of cool and warm tones,

In the hazy artistic conception of indirect light and transmitted light,

Set off the context intention of the front hall.

Through the logical combing of the space,

Maximize the extension of the integrity and permeability,

Besides the customer reception,

At the same time to meet the reading, drinking and other functions set,

Make the Oriental meaning with a rational atmosphere.

The combined use of moon Windows with Zen "objects",

Zen tea space continues the overall design tone,

Wood texture and Zen fusion,

The ope and equidistant objects form a spatial hierarchy,

Make the space to breathe gently in relaxation.

To the scenery of one side of the green bamboo, quiet and gentle lines,

Forming the transition from artifacts to the landscape,

To linearly shape the continuity and interactivity of the space.

With the dynamic celebration,

Express a desire for purity and residence.


Jane element



The design cleverly opens the boundary between the corridor and each space, weakens the boundary, so that the corridor becomes the passing hall of each space, and each space can also be independent.Space pays attention to function while emphasizing the sensory experience of color, material, size, details and accessories.The VIP reception hall is based on plain color, and retains the essence of Chinese style such as tea ceremony culture and the four treasures of the study. Through the harmony and unity of shape, color and material, it creates an indifferent, elegant, quiet and extraordinary artistic conception, and realizes the balanced beauty between man and nature.

Using a large number of wood elements as the main space material,

Combine the jump design technique to create the ups and downs of the space.

Through the lights and sculptures on both sides,

Create a wonderful space of drama.

The space uses the technique of borrowing the scenery,

In the transparent and subtle beauty,

Let the spatial structure gradually into the self-hidden light environment.

Through the grille gate, facing with the background wall;

One side is transparent, one side is elegant atmosphere,

Empty grille space, heavy shadow wall view,

Using the grille to create multiple landscapes,

Interleaved rendering space.

From the inside out, from near to far,

Painting the humble, simple, natural, ethereal spatial posture.

Wood texture integrates with lighting and object Zen,

The dynamics of texture and objects,

Pour a clever atmosphere into the space field.

Constantly separated, the spatial form is more light,

Echoing with the main tone, giving the work more sense of free and easy,

It contains a free and inclusive Zen culture.





The multi-functional hall design adopts new technology materials, which combines the Japanese national treasure "Pine Forest Map" with the glass, with a profound artistic conception. When playing Tai Chi, people and things set off each other, and pursues the realm of "the unity of man and nature".

Through the transparent grille door, landscape and other three-dimensional elements,

Create an immersive space experience.





The space uses the comparison and collocation of color, lighting and materials, through the scenery, deduce the Yin and Yang interaction of Tai Chi, and the space is small and large.

The white gauze in front of the curtain seems to be impermeable,

To "empty" photo "real" hazy,

On the shelf Tibetan antiquities elegant play,

Talk and laugh to see the ups and downs, leisure to save high.

The chair sits at attention, calm and dignified,

The chair is surrounded by orderly rules,

The main chair background is symmetrical and right, orderly,

Landscape painting from the top down,

Bring the majestic momentum to the whole space.

Borrow the scenery east, playthings suitable for the feeling,

Recycling the space with a light and natural art,

With a new rhyme but not frivolous, between the joy,

Will be elegant people idle heart to enjoy the spring and autumn love to push to the extreme.




Big package room

Against the background of the simple Chinese folding door and the abstract lotus shape, we can enrich the spatial expression, strengthen the theme of the Tai Chi style, abandon the tedious elements in the traditional design, retain the natural state of the material, and show the simple and elegant artistic conception space.The space both separated and closed is built online and combined with light, quiet and profound, calm and calm. The meaning of Oriental aesthetics integrates the whole space, reflecting the rich cultural accumulation of the East while creating the characteristics of empty and quiet.

Instead of the elegant and elaborate decoration,

The new Chinese elements and modern material are clever and soft,

Simple and elegant and clever both,

Formed a spatial atmosphere embodied in Zen.

Soft illumination creates elegance and peace,

Quiet and extraordinary spatial artistic conception,

Let the distance between people and space be narrowed once again.

Wood material with light-colored soft bags,

Implicative and introverted will tone precipitation.




KTV / Red Wine Cigars

With "Playing the Piano Girl Picture" as the material, it breaks the traditional KTV practice, creates an idle and quiet singing and music space atmosphere, and integrates with the whole club.Red wine cigar area pays attention to the function while emphasizing the collocation of color, material material, size, act the role of article, wait along the plant landscape of glass curtain wall place, add a natural interest in silent atmosphere.Through the wine cigar area and the VIP reception rooms connected, so that different guests can communicate with each other.

Low-color lighting items and ladies' paintings,

Outlines a casual but elaborate scene,

With extremely Oriental rhythmic scenes and modern interpretation,

Form a humanistic fashion entertainment space.

Transforming the woven images of Oriental aesthetic into contemporary symbols,

With the theme and tone of each space,

Presents an entertainment and leisure space across time.

From the essence of traditional culture,

Inheriting the style of natural aesthetics,

Simple and elegant colors, simple objects,

Formed the ancient spirit and wonderful interest.

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