Zhejiang-jiangshan City South Gate City Meeting Hall Project


Starting from its project orientation, the design creates an urban elite living circle, and creates the first high-end entertainment and business place in the country with a light luxury style and cultural flavor, through elegant and luxurious light luxury art, create an extraordinary sense of the quality of space for the entertainment industry to create a different vane. “Light” represents a low-key, comfortable but harmless noble and elegant attitude; “Luxury” represents a luxury, but it is not a pressure to pursue quality and exquisite life of the state. As the name suggests, it's called“Mild luxury.”. There is an attitude towards life called the light luxury, the pursuit of light luxury is a very beautiful thing. It can not only publicize our self-personality, and at the same time the rational self-restraint to face life. Living in this sprawling metropolis, with its Bright Lights, Big City and busy streets, it's easy to get carried away and realize how important it is to have a place that feels comfortable and luxurious. Elegant and fashionable modern materials and decorative details, highlight the quality of light luxury, so that the space is more refined, everywhere reveals a good taste. Luxury Life is not out of reach, it is out of self-demand, it is a trend to create elegant, low-key, comfortable, noble, high taste of popular lifestyle.

This case design inspiration comes from the more popular residential style in recent years, “Light luxury style” a large number of metal, leather, wood veneer, marble, glass and other materials to deal with the delicate presentation of each space, the designers use unique color collocation understanding to make the whole luxury style of residential home and entertainment club perfect integration, so that the whole project perfect presentation.

Entering the hall, the five-meter-high five-story luxury, Fuchsia and dark green leather color of the main color came into view, the water at both ends of the Hall model adds some artistic atmosphere. The ground area uses French purple color to pull the marble to walk side Middle Snow Mountain Silver Fox luxury stone splicing, walks side copper strip modelling ornament to divide the entire space level, the entire hall space divides into the front hall, the hall, the rest area. Each space echoes each other, patchwork. The shape of LED screen column in the Middle Hall of the rear area echoes the shape of the underwater piano area, making the whole space magnificent, the main materials used in the corridor area are fuchsia, Tiffany Blue, beige leather, light wood veneer, Parquet veneer, chiffon glass and marble, clever use of light strip and atmosphere lights, the main lamp of the echo relationship highlights the luxury of the entire space. The whole presents the unique style of the entertainment club. Designers will be light luxury style combined with the understanding of the layout of the business club planning out 28 different colors of the box, so that consumers have a different consumer experience each time.

The designer used a sharp visual angle on color to express the elegance and sensibility of the space with fuchsia as the main tone, while the floral art interspersed among them enhanced the space's characteristics, making the low-key luxurious interpretation incisively and vividly at every detail, the expression of a bright, atmospheric business entertainment environment is just right. The overall details are a continuation of the new decorative light-luxury style's demanding styling, retaining the functional functions that were prized during the minimalism period, and a clever blend of the classic business atmosphere and color combinations with modern design, the interior space design expresses the characteristics of a light luxury style in terms of materials and colors. Set up a new entertainment vane for the entertainment industry.

by HaoShi International Design

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